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Specializing in Dust Free Sand-in-Place Floors

Custom Hardwood Floors offers a complete range of flooring services to fit your every need. We employ the finest dust collection technology, providing our customers a 99% dust-free flooring installation experience. We offer a wide array of flooring choices and finishes including:


  • Hardwood Installations
    • Prefinished: Individual pieces of flooring come already finished and require no sanding on site
    • Unfinished: We specialize in unfinished flooring installations that are dust-free sanded on site, allowing for personalized flooring, custom looks and the most durable finishes available
    • Engineered Wood Flooring: Wood flooring engineered in layers with solid wood on top to create the most stable product that is the least susceptible to movement from seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. We typically install unfinished engineered flooring with a 3/16” top layer for maximum durability and longevity
  • Moisture checks & Acclimation of flooring to your environment prior to installation to minimize normal expansion & contraction due to relative humidity after completion
  • Wood Floor Repair & Recoating
  • Custom Designs
    • Hand Pieced wood borders & Medallions
    • Combination wood and stone or metal designs
    • Wood Floor Dying/Staining
    • Herringbone, diagonals, Wide and random widths
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